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News Courses 2021

Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

The Artist Book: Drawing And Writing

Live online course, July four weekends. Two groups for different time zones
This program is an in-depth version of the workshop 'A Bridge between Drawing and Writing' and can be attended by new students as well as students who have already participated in the workshop.

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Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

A Bridge Between Drawing and Writing

Live online course. Time Zone: Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania
The goal of this course is to write outside the rules of legibility. Starting from the marks obtained with the drawing of a plant, we will arrive at creating abstract compositions with writing.

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Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

South of the East

This course will be dedicated to us, to our being together, to art as a form of communication, sharing and cooperation and to our ability to imagine our being one with the Earth

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The Idea

By studying the history of Western writing forms and book design from the Roman Empire to present time, students develop a practical understanding of an evolution that has had strong psychological, social and cultural influences on us. Handwriting, which seems to hold less and less value in our society, is an important means of communication of our emotions, humanity, intimacy and innermost energy. The courses' aim is ultimately to broaden the visual, expressive and artistic potential of writing by hand.