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News Courses 2021

Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

East/West Calligraphy

It seems only fitting to hold a workshop to experience a fusion of these two calligraphic traditions in the city where Marco Polo ventured forth to explore the East. After a two year hiatus, Monica and Kaz come together again to create this life altering inspirational workshop.

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Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

Beyond Calligraphy

A Japanese - Italian experience, Palermo, Italy.
Once in a while Satsuki and I venture into a new project, this is one! In 2021 we are organizing a workshop in Palermo, Sicily. So we are thinking to link Southern Japan and Southern Italy by placing Nature at the center.

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Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

Annual Calligraphy Course

Calligraphy courses in Venice, Italy
The annual calligraphy course is both a historical and a contemporary course divided into three levels with monthly weekend meetings during the whole year, except summer.

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The Idea

By studying the history of Western writing forms and book design from the Roman Empire to present time, students develop a practical understanding of an evolution that has had strong psychological, social and cultural influences on us. Handwriting, which seems to hold less and less value in our society, is an important means of communication of our emotions, humanity, intimacy and innermost energy. The courses' aim is ultimately to broaden the visual, expressive and artistic potential of writing by hand.