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  • February - December, 2022
  • Monica Dengo - Maria Pia Montagna
  • Venice
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Annual Calligraphy Course 2022, Venice

The annual calligraphy course is both a historical and a contemporary course divided into three levels with monthly weekend meetings during the whole year, except summer.

The objective is the study of the main Western historical writing forms and their contemporary developments. The course is held at Palazzo Minotto in the heart of Venice on Fondamenta Minotto, ten minutes from the railway station.

The first level offers an in-depth practical study of the fundamental writings: the minuscule Carolina (and its Renaissance version, the Humanist), the Roman Capital and the Italic cursive writing.

The second level is dedicated to the deepening and detailed study of italic writing with a square nib, the arches of the letters, the serifs, the rhythm of writing and then the spacing and composition in a modern book design.

The third level program is decided every year by the students themselves. This year it will be entirely dedicated to capital letters with the brush, the square nib and with experimental instruments. We will begin with the study of a Roman inscription's frottage of the Appian Way and other classical Renaissance inscriptions.

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Anyone interested in the arts of lettering, calligraphy and verbal/visual communication is invited to apply. These courses are particularly valuable for graphic designers, type designers and artists.

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