Freehandwriting East West Calligraphy Exhibition Museo Correr Venice

Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
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  • 18 Nov 2023, 7 Jan 2024
  • Monica Dengo
  • Sala delle Quattro Porte, Museo Correr Venice Italy
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East West Calligraphy Exhibition Museo Correr 2023, Venice Italy

The calligraphic works of Monica Dengo and Kazuaki Tanahashi's artworks will be exhibited in the precious room of the Sala delle Quattro Porte, along the path of the Pinacoteca del Museo Correr. The exhibition, underlines Monica Viero,  director of the Correr Museum Library, will provide an opportunity for an approach to writing by hand as an artistic expression and a vehicle of knowledge and messages capable of creating a dialogue, and building an authentic cultural bridge, between East and West.

For complete program visit here: Museo Correr Web Page

Programma completo in Italiano: Museo Correr Web Page

For more Info and Subscription:  +39 041 240521


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