Freehandwriting A Bridge Between Drawing and Writing in Venice

Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

A Bridge Between Drawing and Writing

Course: Book Arts Course
Where: Palazzo Minotto, Venezia
Date: 2-3-4 December 2022
Teacher: Monica Dengo

Drawing is a process of observation and expression which amplifies our ability to see and perceive the world. This course starts from the drawing of a plant. Drawing a plant also means discovering the relationship we have with it.

Writing is using a code according to precise rules shared by a community. A text is visually a series of symbols, regularly spaced, aligned and positioned hierarchically according to the rules of legibility.

We will draw looking at the plant and not the sheet of paper, looking to grasp the shapes of the shadows or the rhythmic details of the bark. Then we will try to bring the experience of writing closer to that of drawing. The letters will become abstract shapes and lines.

We will try to change our visual relationship with the grid, which is the basis of the idea we have of writing, and we will explore the limits of legibility.

This way of conceiving the text is akin to private handwriting, which sometimes doesn’t follow the lines and is messed up, massed, canceled.

We will work on a structure of multiple books, to suggest the coexistence of many worlds and infinite ways of communicating content visually, we will use invented and found tools and we will also see how the act of mark-making can inform our relation to content and content-making.

The page rectangle will be what will ultimately restore structure to our work, bring it back within the limits of the book form. And here we will investigate the composition.

The course will be in English.

More info, depliant: Download Pdf

Class Info:
  • December 2-3-4, 2022
  • Monica Dengo
  • VENEZIA Italy
  • Download Pdf


Anyone interested in the arts of lettering, calligraphy and verbal/visual communication is invited to apply. These courses are particularly valuable for graphic designers, type designers and artists.

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