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  • MOVED 2022
  • Monica Dengo, Satsuki Hatsushima
  • Palermo
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A Japanese - Italian experience, Palermo, Italy

In 2021 we are organizing a workshop in Palermo, Sicily, linking Southern Japan and Southern Italy focusing on Nature and Handwriting. This theme will emerge through conversations about how Nature is perceived in Eastern and Western cultures. We will begin our week long workshop with a visit to the University of Palermo’s Botanical Garden in a deep immersion into the most extraordinary expressions of natural beauty. We will be encouraged to wonder the garden, sit by giant trees, plants, flowers and sketch what we feel, sense or hear, more than what we see.

Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, is one of those cities with a very distinct, almost tangible atmosphere, a place of mystery, where reality often outperforms the traveller’s imagination and preconceived stereotypes. It is a buzzing Mediterranean centre whose 1 million inhabitants are a fascinating mix of apparently conflicting characteristics.
A guide to the city

The Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden of Palermo is a centre of scientific research deeply involved in the knowledge and conservation of the environment. We will talk about different views of Nature in art and culture, and ask ourselves how we can translate this into our daily life and our daily sketchbook. The favourable climate of Palermo reproduces the natural habitat of most of the plants which allows for their natural growth and flowering, so what we meet in the botanical garden we will also meet while walking in the city.
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The Class
During the week we will study Eastern and Western handwritings. We’ll learn the rules and then try to walk out of them, to become nomads of the empty space. We will use different kinds of paper, both Eastern and Western. We will make our instruments out of leaves, bark, sticks and make handmade books, all with papers derived from plants: precious papers in cotton or kozo dyed with vegetable dyes, or more common, humble papers from the Palermo famous fish and vegetable markets. These books will be our sketchbooks during the whole week.

We will also visit the Biblioteca Centrale Regione Sicilia where we will observe ancient manuscripts, visit Edizioni Precarie, an artisan’s studio specialized in books that tell the story of the city through local papers, walk in the heart of Palermo and eat in local trattorias.
Visit Biblioteca Centrale Regione Sicilia web site
Visit Edizioni Precarie web site
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The class will be held at the studio of AZOTO Project and Communication, in a beautiful Liberty-style building near the Politeama Theatre, in the city center. All the locations we will visit are at walking distance (maximum 3 km), but we can assist students in case they need transportation.
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Chiunque sia interessato alle arti del lettering, alla calligrafia e alla comunicazione visivo/verbale è invitato a partecipare. Questi corsi sono particolarmente indicati per graphic designer, type designer ed artisti.

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