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Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia

Doodles and our need for art

Live On-line, Europe/Asia/Oceania (Rome Time Zone).

I’ve recently been researching mark making as a basic human necessity, an action that is at the origin of both figurative drawing and writing by hand. According to Rhoda Kellogg, the child begins to draw basic scribbles around the age of two and follows a self-learning path. In other words, the child draws from within, not as an attempt to show reality. It emerges that the faculty of drawing is natural and instinctive and that the child has the innate ability to see a whole (gestalt), while seeing the individual parts is a capacity that is acquired with intellectual and visual exercise. The way we see the individual parts, therefore has a lot to do with the culture in which we grow up.

In this course we will explore the strength and inner rhythm of mark making and we’ll also experience non-intentional compositions as a need for visual expression, concentration, body and mind relation..

Finally, we will explore differences and similarities between the act of mark making in a condition of self-learning and the act of writing following a ductus. We will investigate repetition, linearity and the rules of form.

The course will be online, but we will not be limited by the rectangle of the computer or the cell phone: we will work at our table and we will also be able to go outside and write on a lawn or walking!

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Class Info:
  • 20-21-22-23 May LIVE ONLINE
  • Monica Dengo
  • Live on-line course, Google Meet
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Anyone interested in the arts of lettering, calligraphy and verbal/visual communication is invited to apply. These courses are particularly valuable for graphic designers, type designers and artists.

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