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Calligraphy Monica Dengo Calligrafia
Class Info:
  • September 25 - October 03, 2021
  • Monica Dengo
  • Maglie, Lecce
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An artist's book in the Land of Otranto, Italy

The course is organized by Koinè Linguaggi Comuni and will only taught in the Italian language.

Intensive residential course in Salento

Arrival day 25 September - Departure day 03 October 2021

This course will be dedicated to us, to our being together, to art as a form of communication, sharing and cooperation and to our ability to imagine our being one with the Earth.

We will produce artist's books that will be the result of this shared experience in a place where the natural environment, the Earth, the wind, the stones, the Mediterranean plants and the sea water will be so present that our dialogue with them, our listening to their voices, lines, languages, will be inevitable. Every day we will dedicate time to silence and listening to what surrounds us.

The teacher will share with the class a series of books and contents related to Nature, biodiversity, plants, sustainable models of life in today's world, the latest discoveries on the complexity of life. Our artist's books will be made of Eastern and Western papers, leaves, branches, stones, beeswax, they will contain our writing and marks suggested directly from the Land of Otranto, an ancient crossroads between East and West.

During the week dedicated to the course we will stay at the Masseria “Le Pezzate”, in the heart of the Salento countryside, which has double and triple rooms and a large and welcoming lounge that we will dedicate to a work room. In this way, students can safely stay in class even until late in the evening or choose to work at night or early in the morning.

To get in touch with the wild and at the same time delicate nature of the Salento land, during the week there are some experiences that will serve to inspire our work: - a nature walk along one of the most fascinating stretches of the coast, the path that connects the Lighthouse of Punta Palascìa (Litoranea Otranto-Santa Maria di Leuca) and Porto Badisco, with a stop at Torre Sant’Emiliano for notes and drawings. Duration of the route 2 hours with aperitif / dinner upon arrival in the cove. - an outdoor lesson in the countryside surrounding the farm or in the megalithic area of the "Li Scusi" dolmens, to collect tools with which to write, draw, draw inspiration. Two optional tours will also be offered: - a visit to the mosaic of the Cathedral of Otranto, in whose central body the tree of life is depicted, and to the interesting historic city center - a visit to the historic center of Lecce with a specialized local guide, with a visit to the "La Fabbrica delle Parole" exhibition in the historic rooms of the Convitto Palmieri, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the art of printing.

In the classroom you will find some useful papers for our books, ink for writing and everything you need for bookbinding. For other materials, a list will be sent to you after registration.

For all information on costs, registration and for accommodations in the farm,
e-mail contact Alessandro Fiorentino


Anyone interested in the arts of lettering, calligraphy and verbal/visual communication is invited to apply. These courses are particularly valuable for graphic designers, type designers and artists.

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